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Why Choose Clamshell Packaging from Valk Industries?

7 Sept 2016

Here at Valk Industries, we believe in quality, service and reliability. We want to provide you with affordable packaging solutions that stand up to the test and help you prepare your product before it hits the market. Whether you’re interested in a customized packaging solution, or you want to purchase products from our stock inventory, we’re here to make life easier. We even have custom machining services for metal fabrication in case you need unique parts. We’ll ship everything directly to you and help you manage your supply level, so that you have everything you need right on­site all the time. We’ve met or exceeded all relevant ISO standards for our industry, and we’re ready to show you what makes Valk stand out.

For companies who use clamshell packaging for their products, Valk Industries is the perfect one-stop shop. We create clamshell packaged in a variety of shapes and sizes that are used by customers in the food industry, consumer goods, and more. Our clamshells can be shut tightly using a basic plastic locking system that protects the products inside and prevents unexpected spillage that can lead to product waste. They are also easy to stack due to their uniform sizing, which makes them very convenient during shipping whenever a square inch of space needs to be maximized. We even have ultrasonic and UV adhesive sealing options for our clamshell packaging. If you’re looking for something that can showcase your product on store shelves while still protecting it, look no further than clamshell packaging from Valk Industries.

We are conveniently located in Greenville, Tennessee, which means that we are within a 1-day shipping radius to over 70% of the United States. This central location helps us to service customers and industries across the country who trust us with all of their packaging needs. Whether you want to place a one time order or set up an on­going account for your business’s packaging needs, we would be happy to help. Call us today and let us have the opportunity to serve you. You’ll quickly see what we mean when we say that we are committed to quality, service and reliability.

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