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23 Sept 2016

Across all the different products that we offer, Valk Industries is committed to quality, service, and reliability. This promise extends to our cardboard tubes and paper cores. Cardboard tubes like the ones from Valk are frequently used to ship documents, posters and other important items. The tube shape makes it easy to place paper inside without folding it, and the rigid cardboard construction protects it from bending during shipping. We sell these tubes in bundles, on pallets, or on long carts that can be returned after the tubes have been used or unloaded. Plastic, steel, and wooden end plugs are all available to meet your needs if you require a secure means of sealing the tube during storage or shipping.

We manufacture our cardboard tubes using recycled paper as much as possible, and they have a natural finish unless you request custom colors and printing. We can create custom wrapped tubes with special liners upon request if you would like to display our logo or company name on your cardboard tubes. If you want a professional and secure way to send items from your business to customers, cardboard tubes from Valk Industries are the way to. By preventing damage to the contents during shipping and making your product visibly recognizable with your logo, you’ll increase the visual presence of your business and remind customers what you’ve done for them. It’s a simple step, but it can make a big difference.

If you or your company is looking for quality cardboard tubes, give us a call, and we can consult with you to find the right size for you. If you want customized tubes, we can take your designs and make labels out of them. We can even create custom tube sizes if our standard lineup doesn’t really meet your specific needs. All you have to do is ask!

Valk Industries is a family-owned business located in Greeneville, Tennessee. We’ve been in operation since 1975, and our reputation for quality has been strong ever since then. We’re proud to provide our products to companies across the USA, and we hope that yours is the next!

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